Turkish company intends to grow orchards in the region

Deputy Akim of the region Almas Madiyev met with representatives of “Great Production Ltd”. At the meeting issues on the project of creating a complex of intensive orchards together with JSC “Social-Entrepreneurial Business Corporation” Taraz” were discussed.

The realization of production within the framework of this project is planned in the volume of 30% for domestic market and 70% for export.

The project also envisages development of farming cluster, including involvement of existing farms and creation of new jobs. The corporation provides for a land plot of 1,100 hectares for the successful implementation of the project and provides for the provision of a government investment subsidy.

A special road map has also been drafted and agreed upon for the project’s implementation. In addition, February 25, 2021 signed a Memorandum of Mutual Cooperation between the JSC “SEBC” Taraz “and Great Production Ltd.

It is worth noting that, in accordance with current legislation, agricultural land plots are not provided to foreign companies. Therefore, the option of attracting a Kazakh company engaged in planting orchards in the region is being considered.


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