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Social-Entrepreneurial Business Corporation - a regional development institution in the form of a joint-stock company, established by a decision of the local executive bodies of regions, cities of republican significance, and the capital, whose controlling interest is owned by the state and which promotes the economic development of the region.

«SEBC «Taraz» - striving for the best!

Today, the corporation in its daily activities ensures the creation of favourable conditions for the further development of entrepreneurship through the consolidation of the public and private sectors, promotes the creation of a unified economic market based on a cluster approach, forms a favourable economic environment for attracting investment and innovation to our region, and participates in the development and implementation of programmes aimed at the social development of the region.

The Company works to implement joint socially significant investment projects with its strategic partners, analysing the projects submitted for consideration and determining the most appropriate and efficient ways to implement them.


Taraz, Kazakhstan,
Abay Avenue, 127

Koygeldy Street , 173


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