"MF Sweet" LLP

Type of activity: Manufacture of chocolate and jelly sweets

Location: 336 Tolebi Street, Taraz city, Zhambyl region.

With the support of JSC "SEBC "Taraz" a project to set up a confectionery plant is being implemented in the regional centre. Cost of the project is 8 billion tenge. A private partner and initiator of the project is local investor Farida Amansarievna Junusova, who has experience in implementing large projects. It is planned to attract funds of Development "Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC for realization of the project.
The site for construction of the confectionery plant was selected on the territory of the former trolleybus park, which was transferred by JSC "SEBC "Taraz" to the joint venture as a contribution. The project involves the production of a wide range of chocolate and jelly sweets. Production will be established on modern German equipment of "Gecona TEK" GmbH. Production capacity will be more than 2,500 tonnes of finished products a year.

"Taraz Baspana" LLP

Type of activity: Construction of multifamily residential buildings

Location: RK, Zhambyl region, Taraz, microdistrict 14

For the purposes of construction of affordable, modern housing in Taraz, JSC "SEBC "Taraz" decided to participate in the project "Construction of a group of residential complexes in Taraz" jointly with LLP "Sarmat Development". For implementation of the project "Taraz Baspana" LLP was established and land plots were provided by JSC "SEBC "Taraz" for construction in 14 micro-district of Taraz city. The preliminary construction estimate is 38 billion tenge. The project envisages construction of more than 1800 flats; the selling price per square meter is 180,000 tenge.

Project "Construction of multifamily social dwelling houses in Taraz city for citizens in difficult life situation".

A Joint Activity Agreement dated 01.03.2021 was concluded between JSC "SEBC "Taraz" and "Halyk Charity Fund" Private Fund under which:
- Contribution of JSC "SEBC "Taraz" is a land plot of 2.55 hectares, located at the address of Taraz, 15 microdistrict, at the end of Suleymanov street;
- The contribution of Halyk Welfare Fund is cash in the amount of not less than 800,000,000 tenge for construction of social dwelling houses.
To date, the Halyk Welfare Fund is working on obtaining a guarantee from the Taraz Akimat to provide the necessary infrastructure for the construction of apartment buildings, after which an acceptance certificate will be signed between the SEBC and the Halyk Welfare Fund.

Project "Construction of multi-apartment social residential buildings" together with "MEYIRIMDI ASYL ADAM" Charity Fund

On Хх.хх.2021 by the Board of JSC "SEBC "Taraz" decided to sign an agreement on joint activities with Charity Fund "MEYIRIMDI ASYL ADAM" in the framework of "Construction of multifamily social dwelling houses" project.
Within the framework of the Agreement, the contribution of the SEBC is a land plot of 1.08 hectares at the address of Taraz, microdistrict 15, at the end of Suleymanov Street;
The contribution of Halyk Welfare Fund is cash to be used for construction of social dwellings.
To date, the Agreement is under negotiation between the parties.

Joint activity agreement with "South Holiday" LLP

Type of activity: Construction of recreation area at Zerbulak Lake

Location: in the city of Taraz, in the recreation area near the lake Zerbulak

JSC "SEBC "Taraz" - land plot of 16.2 hectares
"South Holiday" LLP - funds in the amount of 1.5 billion KZT.

The project provides for construction of a recreation zone near Zerbulak lake. On the territory of recreation zone will be available wide range of services and entertainments, such as: restaurant, summer cafe, swimming pools, basketball playground, mini football field, tennis court, area for horse riding, fishing, jogging and bike track, playground and children swimming pool will be provided.

Joint activity agreement with IE "Aisara"

Type of activity: production of drinking water
Location: in T. Ryskulovsky district

JSC "SEBC "Taraz" - funds in the amount of 30.0 million tenge
IE "Aisara" - funds in the amount of 5,0 and equipment at the cost of 10,0 million tenge.
The project will produce bottled drinking water. The raw material is water from artesian sources and tap water from the centralised network, which undergoes three stages of purification.
"Merkenskaya" water will be sold through a network of retail outlets specialising directly in drinking water.

"Construction of the "Kar-Alma" Alpine Skiing Complex jointly with "Tarazstroy-2004" LLP"

On November 30, 2018 JSC "SEBC "Taraz" and "Tarazstroy-2004" LLP concluded a Joint Activity Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) for implementation of the project "Implementation of investment project of mountain skiing complex "Kar-Alma" (hereinafter referred to as the Project).
The Project provides for construction of an international class mountain skiing complex in Zhualy district of Zhambyl region, where skiing and training of skiers and snowboarders of any skill level, as well as competitions, sports training and practice camps, and sports and entertainment shows will be provided on the slopes of the complex.
On the part of JSC "SEBC "Taraz", the contribution is:
- 36 land plots with a total area of 21.0843 ha;
On the part of "Tarazstroy-2004" LLP the contribution is:
- Money to be used for the construction of the ski complex, etc.
To date, electricity and gas supply networks have been connected and a road (7 km) has been constructed. A chairlift and a tow lift, a technical box, a café, a service centre and landscaping facilities are nearing completion.
In addition, by the end of 2023, a hotel, a restaurant, a café at the top site, a swimming pool, etc. will be built.


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