1. Ensuring food security within the framework of the Zhambyl region stabilisation fund.

The Akimat of Zhambyl region in cooperation with JSC "SEBC "Taraz" is working to ensure food security in the city of Taraz and Zhambyl region.

To date, the following socially important food products are sold in social pavilions and retail outlets in Taraz from the stabilization fund of JSC "SEBC "Taraz":

№ n/a Name Unit of measure Selling price, tg
1 Rice кg 230
2 Flour 1st quality кg 125
3 Buckwheat grits кg 240
4 Bread 1st quality item 55
5 Chicken meat кg 730
6 Chicken eggs of category 1 item 27
7 Sunflower vegetable oil litre 560
8 Onion кg 40
9 Carrot кg 115
10 Potatoes кg 115
11 Cabbage кg 50
12 Sugar sand кg 220
13 Food grade salt кg 37

In addition to these types of "СЗПТ", social pavilions and retail outlets are supplied with "СЗПТ" at reduced prices from local producers:

Name of business entity Product name Selling price, tg/kg/l
«Kokzhiek 2030» LLP Kefir 2.5% fat 245
«Burnenskaya molochnaya kompaniya» LLP Butter 72.5 % fat 2 250
Milk 2,5% fat 220
Cottage cheese 5-9% fat 1 150

Socially important food products are sold in retail outlets of "Vkusnaya Korzinka" LLP, IE "Firkan", as well as in 16 social pavilions, addresses are shown below:

№ n/a Address of the social pavilion
1 Abaya ave. 157
2 Karasu microdistrict, near house 18
3 Baiterek microdistrict, near house 19
4 Microdistrict 15, near houses 21-23
5 Microdistrict 15, near houses 33-35
6 Tonkurush massif, near house 8
7 Sakhzavod village, 5 Rafinadnaya street
8 Asa microdistrict, near house 40
9 Samal microdistrict, near house 14
10 Talas microdistrict, near house 2
11 Talas microdistrict, near house 22
12 Karatau microdistrict, near house 2
13 Karasu microdistrict, near house 4
14 Baiterek microdistrict, near house 8
15 Baitursynov str. 28 Baitursynov Street (Dalniy Karasu massif)
16 Sholdala massif, near school No. 55

Social pavilion delivery schedule:

Name of trade object Day of delivery
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Social pavilions bread, flour, sugar, salt, rice, buckwheat, oil bread, egg bread, flour, sugar, salt, rice, buckwheat, oil bread, egg, potato, onion, carrot, cabbage bread, flour, sugar, salt, rice, buckwheat, oil bread

2. Lending to business entities as part of the implementation of price stabilisation mechanisms for socially important food products in Zhambyl region.

As part of the implementation of mechanisms to stabilise prices for socially important consumer goods in Zhambyl region, JSC "Social-Entrepreneurial Business Corporation "Taraz" provides loans to business entities for the purchase and sale of socially important food products on the following terms:

In order to receive a loan under this programme, the entrepreneur must be a businessperson at the time of applying for a loan:


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